Wildlife Conservation Society Announces Funding for On-the-Ground Climate Projects

Monday, March 02, 2015

The Wildlife Conservation Society's North American Program has announced a Request for Proposals for 2015 Climate Adaptation funding. They are currently seeking project proposals for landscape-scale, on-the-ground climate adaptation efforts.

The WCS Climate Adaptation Fund will support projects that demonstrate land and water management techniques to assist wildlife adaptation to climate change at a landscape level, for example:
• Projects that demonstrate applied management responses for wildlife adaptation in terrestrial, freshwater, or estuarine systems, including efforts to implement active measures to enhance resilience of climate-impacted habitats or facilitate their transition to a new functional ecological state.
• Pilot projects to exhibit successful on-the-ground actions for climate adaptation that can be replicated across a landscape.
• Projects to enhance or sustain the adaptive capacity of ecosystems, landscape functionality, and critical biological processes in the face of climate change.
• Projects that restore and sustain core habitat or create connectivity for fish and wildlife based on explicit adaptation goals.
• Projects that implement innovative or novel conservation activities in response to existing or expected climate-driven changes.

More information on funding and applicant guidance.

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