Updates from the Southeast Alaska Climate Workshop

Thursday, April 14, 2016

NPLCC-funded climate workshop, hosted by the Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership, focused on Informing Sustainable Management of Water Resources and Anadromous Fisheries in Southeast Alaska is kicking off day two this morning.

Over 100 attendees joined the workshop in Juneau, Alaska, which began yesterday, to share and discuss climate-science efforts taking place in SE Alaska focused on water resources and fisheries. The major goals of the workshop are to foster collaborative working groups that will develop action plans and strategies in the region to continue moving forth on adaptation efforts.

Day one was filled with presentations covering ongoing efforts from various groups around the region including federal, tribal, and state governments, university researchers, and more.

Yesterday evening and this morning, presentations were split into three categories of panelists including: Streamflow and watershed clarification; Freshwater temperature; and Anadromous fish and habitat ecology.

When the presentations are complete, the workshop will split into three breakout sessions for each topic & groups will begin working on a set of action items and develop working groups.

The enthusiasm in the room has been excellent, and participants are eager to begin collaborating on actionable items addressing climate change in SE Alaska.

If you were unable to attend this workshop, you can find information and resources here.

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