Celebrate GIS Day 2015 on our Conservation Planning Atlas!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Did you know today is ‪GIS Day‬?

The NPLCC, led by our Data Coordinator, Tom Miewald, with the help of Conservation Biology Institute & Data Basin, uses GIS technology to visually map data for all of our projects - and the work of many partners. Even if you aren't familiar with GIS, nor science, our Conservation Planning Atlas can help you visualize habitat, location of species, climate-resilient areas, and much more via an interactive map.

The CPA helps decision makers, land managers, and scientists, make crucial conservation decisions at landscape-scale levels. As a clearing-house for climate-science data in the NPLCC region, the CPA provides easy access to many data sets, making it faster and more efficient for anyone in need of data to get it, without re-creating any wheels.

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