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Conservation Planning and Design, Population and Habitat Assessments, Vulnerability Assessment

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife used funds provided by the NPLCC to integrate climate change impacts and implications into State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) Revision. They secured appropriate expertise to review existing research and tools, including products prepared as part of the Pacific Northwest Vulnerability Assessment, and extracted and applied information that is relevant to specific components of our SWAP. The intent was to integrate climate change throughout the SWAP Revision. The goal for the SWAP is to evaluate climate change threats and actions not as a stand-alone concept but in the context of existing stressors and conservation challenges.

The intent of this project was to ask the "so what" questions. How should conservation priorities shift because of what we are learning about climate change through vulnerability assessments and other research projects? How can we select priorities to address species recovery needs, which will also create resilience to expected climate change impacts? How should the climate sensitivity of habitats affect management of the species within them?

Project Documents

Start Date 3/11/2015

End Date 12/29/2016

Project Status Complete


Fiscal Year Funded 2015

Project Managers Lynn Helbrecht, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Partners Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Geographic Area Washington