Monitoring and Modeling Projects

Fiscal Year Project Name Project Lead

Fiscal Year Funded 2017

Developing a Southeast Alaska community-based stream temperature monitoring network

Project Managers Scott Harris, Science Director, Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition

Fiscal Year Funded 2015

Climate Change in the Tongass National Forest – Fostering Strategic Collaboration and Informing Sustainable Management of Priority Resources

Project Managers Julianne Thompson, U.S. Forest Service


Fiscal Year Funded 2013

Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Pacific Lamprey and Pacific Eulachon

Project Managers Rishi Sharma - Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission


Fiscal Year Funded 2013

Developing a comprehensive interagency stream temperature database and high-resolution NorWeST climate scenarios for the NPLCC

Project Managers Dan Isaak - US Forest Service

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Fiscal Year Funded 2013

Spatial Representation of Subsistence Data in Alaska - A Mapping Interface of the Community Subsistence Information System

Project Managers David Koster - Alaska Department of Fish & Game

Report Other